How do I split an invoice?




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    What happens when the file loads the next day and the invoice as a single amount comes over from SAP again? More importantly, what happens when the invoice reference comes over from SAP for what is actually a balance left and that invoice isn't even referenced any more? The point of splitting it is to be able to clear a portion and leave the rest open but SAP will assign it a new number as soon as we post against it. Just looking for some further clarification. I thought there was an option to assign it a reference number but the number I see assigned above looks randomly assigned and I don't see that the customer entered it. Please advise.

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    Brianna Bennett

    Hi Shelby, when the open AR file comes over the next day as a single entry, the invoice will remain split in TermSync. 

    If the value in the "invoice number" column changes on the open AR file, then the entry is treated as a new invoice in TermSync.

    This ability to split a transaction directly in TermSync is most useful when a customer is interacting with the customer portal and looking to take action on the split amount directly from their portal (e..g, schedule payment, dispute, or work with you to set up a payment plan). 

    Hope this helps! Feel free to send me an email with any split-invoice examples you have so we can dive into the specifics of SAP. 


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